Mile 45 Report

February 7, 2016
by admin

South of Coal Point, north of Brush Creek
Sunday 12:00 PM
Humans / Pets:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
A few gulls; one Black oystercatcher
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Small rocks·Kelp or Algae·Wood pieces·Plastic pellets·Styrofoam·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Erosion of vegetated foredune

Quiet beach with no visitors; rare wildlife: single foraging black oystercatcher and a few gulls. Found five crab pots in varying degrees of deterioration. Also other fishing boat debris (buoys, ropes, bait containers) plus other more common debris (Styrofoam and hard plastic pieces). The dune/bluff has eroded with visible plant roots,probably secondary to high tides, storm activity and high surf.

  • Eroded bluff with roots showing
    Eroded bluff with roots showing
    February 7, 2016
  • February 7, 2016
  • February 7, 2016
  • February 7, 2016
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January 19, 2020 - humbug45
No unusual events or observations to report. 


November 14, 2017 - humbug45
Some erosion near large drainage pipe from highway.


February 17, 2016 - humbug45
One of the crab pots found earlier this month (previous report) was removed from the beach and is now at the trail head to the beach on Humbug Mountain State Park. Does anyone have the story...
  • M/V Worm tag attached to the crab gear
  • Some kind samaritan pulled it up
  • one of a few crab rings stuck on the little pocket beach


November 11, 2015 - humbug45
Very quiet beach with no human activity noted except for one set of footprints. Adjacent campground closed for the season; open portion of campground empty except for camp host. Some debris from...
September 6, 2015 - humbug45
Beach was clean despite obvious human activities and full adjacent campground. No evidence of beach fires noted. Five dead birds apparently not related to human activities; fewer shorebirds and no...
  • Yellow abronia in hillsides.
July 5, 2015 - humbug45
Adjacent campground full; evidence of previous day(s)'s beach activities with some leftover debris (cans, bottles, candy wrappers). Three areas with firework remnants including one used Roman candle...
June 14, 2015 - humbug45
Birds spotted included numerous Rhinoceros auklets and two Black oystercatchers, along with gulls.
April 22, 2015 - humbug45
Sunny moderately windy morning; mile 45 access is through Humbug Mt State Park which was completely empty (no park host or campers). No persons or dogs seen at the beach. Sandy portion of beach was...