Mile 244

Wecoma Beach north, Lincoln City, Roads End south
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.998570032624
Longitude: -124.012020089970
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Tillamook County-Lincoln County line (45° 02.6706', Mile 247), southerly to Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), except for the following locations within the corporate limits of Lincoln City:
    (A) A distance of 150 feet on each side of the westerly extension of North 35th Court;
    (B) A distance of 150 feet on each side of the westerly extension of North 15th Street.

Tides: NOAA Tide Predictions. Click on the station nearest to your location to see predicted tides in graphical and tabular formats.
Wecoma Beach north, Lincoln City, Roads End south
Mile 244 Reports (50)


August 1, 2020 - Victoria

Large numbers of people at the beach today. Mostly social distanced between groups except in parking area. Roads end is getting heavy use this more

  • Aequorea victoria
  • Osprey
  • Roads end state park parking lot full
July 5, 2020 - rainydaywalker

Observation is from the first dune in the dry zone at NW 38th Street access.  I took photos north and south from that position.  This is my first day back on my beach walks in a long time.  While I can see my whole mile from most places along it, more

April 10, 2020 - garretta

One place "Social Distancing" does not apply. Since 2013, the Sea Star Wasting Disease has been severely affecting the Pacific Ocean Sea Stars causing them to almost disappear. Low tide and low sand level revealed my favorite rocks and the first photo this year I have been able to more

  • Sea Stars 04102020
April 4, 2020 - Victoria

Marine mammal migration in progress.

fishing trawler put out net possibly in marine more

  • 3” long fish
  • Sea lions
  • Rope from fishing gear
  • Calm day at mile 244
  • Fishing trawler with net out in marine zone?
January 25, 2020 - Victoria

Erosion, drainage pipe blight effecting this mile with recent more

  • Sand shifts up beach
  • Drainage pipe blight
  • Drainage pipe blight
  • Landslide, erosion
  • Sanderlings


October 25, 2019 - garretta

Large, 4' to 5' diameter heavy equipment tire on beach in front of Chinook Winds ramp access. Photo attached. read more

  • Heavy equipment tire at Chinook Winds
June 18, 2019 - rainydaywalker

27 people 

9 dogs

3 seagulls

1 carread more

June 14, 2019 - garretta

Significant trenching/channeling in the sand at Chinook Winds ramp covering about 40 yards. Deep channels, piled sand could be hazardous to evening and night time walkers. May take a KingTide to smooth out. read more

  • Channeling at Chinook Winds ramp
  • Channeling at Chinook Winds ramp
  • Channeling at Chinook Winds ramp
  • Channeling at Chinook Winds ramp
  • Chinook Winds ramp and drainage at ramp.
May 21, 2019 - garretta

Significant increase in cliff caving and carving approximately 100 yards north of Chinook Winds. See photos attachedread more

  • Caving and carving on cliff
  • Caving and carving on cliff
  • Caving and carving on cliff
May 10, 2019 - garretta

Observed significant increase in sea star population on the rocks at Chinook Winds. Have been consciously watching at low tide and was pleased when I found one or two but there were too many to actually count stacked on each other. Photo collage attached. Individual photos available. 

Also encountered couple more

  • Sea stars, Chinook Winds rocks
May 2, 2019 - Victoria

Whrimbels sighting, trash and campfires, car tracks in marine reserve shorelineread more

  • Car tracks on shoreline
  • Bull kelp with reddish organisms attached,
  • Live crab on the beach
  • Whrimbel
March 30, 2019 - Victoria

A lot of people on the beach and crowded parking lot. People are enjoying themselves in the sunshine more

  • Wonderful sand castle
  • Tiny angel 2
March 17, 2019 - Victoria

A beautiful day with an abundance of people. Notable was the dead sea lion. read more

  • Kite
  • Dead pinniped
  • Roads end state park, parking lot overflowing
  • Sea stars near low tide
January 2, 2019 - Victoria

The drainage pipes overhanging the cliffs are a real eyesore.

the erosion of the cliff on the chinook winds property is getting worse due to people carving in the cliff.

Beach fires are a real hazard on this mile. read more

  • Cliff carving
  • Unattended beach fire


September 16, 2018 - rainydaywalker

Dog:            1

People:      39

Problems:   0read more

June 8, 2018 - Victoria

World ocean day. Peaceful. The main concern is the plastic trash. Plastic kids beach toys are a common litter more

  • Mile 244
  • Mile 244
  • World ocean day Mile 244
April 3, 2018 - Victoria

The scene at the beach today was more typical except for many ? washed ashore on the tideline. The mallard pair is still here more

March 25, 2018 - Victoria

This was a holiday weekend. The parking at Roads End State Park is not adequate for the number of vehicles trying to find a parking spot on a sunny day. Cars were parked into the neighboring streets.
People were carving names into the cliffs, particularly the area below Chinook more

January 3, 2018 - Victoria

I am filing this report to add photo documentation of the king tide today. My previous post for January 2, 2018, explained that today’s  high tide according to the tide chart was 8.1 yet in actuality it was much higher than yesterday’s high tide which was supposed to be 8.3. The tide more

  • Roads end at height of king tide.
  • Roads end at height of king tide looking south.
  • Roads end state beach in front of parking lot
  • Wave spits out rainbows at roads end.
January 2, 2018 - Victoria

See 'Comments' on observing the king more

  • Wecoma beach king tide.
  • Access point 41a at king tide.
  • King tide looking north.
  • Dead bird 1.
  • Dead bird 2.
  • Dead bird 3.
  • Dead bird 4.
  • Dead bird 5-seagull.
  • Dead bird 6.
  • Dead bird 7 with kelp.
  • Dead sea lion 1.
  • Dead sea lion 2.


November 18, 2017 - Victoria

It was a nice weekend on the beach. The most noticeable change from my last post was the way the beach has changed due to the runoff from pipes on top of the bluffs creating channels on the shore. My favorite find was a tiny angel, 1" long, on the more

November 6, 2017 - Victoria
October 16, 2017 - rainydaywalker

Usually, we have about 50 people and 3 to 5 dogs this time of year.  As it was October and a weekday, that we surpassed 100 people was a surprise.  We usually see aditional birdlife, and crows instead of more


October 18, 2015 - rainydaywalker

Large number of people (184) observed. Two varieties of gull present in numbers. Body parts of several Common murre carcasses observed, including one being fed on by a gull. Large numbers of dislodged mussels and barnacles found in the wrack line. Of the birds I counted today, none were more

August 8, 2015 - rainydaywalker
It was a delightful experience to encounter so many people enjoying shoreline creatures, without trying to take them home, nor to damage them by invasive physical contact. We observed four healthy stars on the southernmost rock. On the center rock, we found one 8 inch purple, this in excellent more
June 20, 2015 - rainydaywalker
This morning at around 9 a.m., I walked about an eighth of my mile, directly west of NW 37th to NW 39th streets. I was checking on the health of my rock-inhabiting neighbors. Using the “observing eye technique” taught to us by Fawn, I looked carefully at a small more
January 10, 2015 - rainydaywalker
The tide had been up to the grass line. Sand deposit was heavy, covering bottom three steps at 38th Street access. I found most of the birds above the wrack line, one in the wrack and two west of the wrack. There was a grouping of about 10 birds, more
January 9, 2015 - rainydaywalker
Having read this article in the local paper, I went out this morning to see it. It would have been on the north half of my mile, 244, just west of the casino. I did not see the bouy. It may have been retrieved or more


November 1, 2014 - rainydaywalker
Fourteen colonies of those small, oval beads and a yard-long by 2-foot-wide cluster of live mussels in varying sizes up to 4 inches rested along a spotty wrack. Fifteen clusters of a green-leafed shore plant grew along the high tide line. These plants are like the ones we saw more
October 31, 2014 - rainydaywalker
This was the south part of my beach, going along grass line, returning near water line. I started at 8:30 a.m. and finished at 10 a.m. There was a goodly amount of diatoms on the surf, and the surf was white. I saw a loveseat lawn chair on the more
September 14, 2014 - rainydaywalker
The beach was clear again today. In fact, we have few clouds and the ocean mist has vanished. The sand was soft about halfway to the water's edge. It has been rather dry here, too, more
August 14, 2014 - rainydaywalker
It is always refreshing to receive a thanks from strangers. by the time we parted company, Wally from Tuscon, Jennifer, Warren and their children from Snohomish and I had bonded over sea stars. They said that their enjoyment of the beach had been enhanced by a bit of introduction more
August 8, 2014 - rainydaywalker
Rocks at the 36th Street beach access usually provide some challenge between the paved drive and the sandy dune. Today, the rocks were covered, allowing smooth walking. I have felt fortunate for not finding dead birds nor mammals on my walks for some months. Today's young seagull was an more
June 28, 2014 - rainydaywalker
A couple of large groups, one of them a family gathering, included small children. A few of these group members were wading on the west side of the rocks out from the NW 38th Street access. I made mention of the incoming tide to a nearby member of the group, more
March 24, 2014 - rainydaywalker
I brought a friend to visit the north cap of my mile. We collected a sample pebble for her geography more


May 19, 2011 - Millie & Carl
Nothing spectacular; just a nice peaceful scene on a sunny spring day. A few individuals looking in some low-tide pools, others just looking or walking; the few dogs all on leash. Very little trash; I presume the recent tsunami wave may have flushed much of it more


August 24, 2010 - Millie & Carl
In general, there was very little visible debris. However, we suspect a lot will appear as the sand gets shifted around by winds and tides. At the time of tihs report, the tide was only a foot or so but beginning to come in, but by noon would be more
  • A group of people about 50' offshore in shallow water, probably oblivious to rising tide making the water not so shallow.


October 2, 2009 - Millie & Carl
A quiet, peaceful, sunny day; a moderate number of people just relaxing, wandering, etc.; one family with a couple of little kids busily building a sand castle. With beach clean-up just a few weeks ago, very little litter. One dead seal pup, and a couple of deteriorating gull carcasses. more
  • A young dead seal pup (about 3'long), beginning to deteriorate
  • This young gent was really carried away; wholly engrossed in his music and the surf's roar, dancing while totally oblivious to the rest of the world.
  • Lincoln City PD beach patrol
March 6, 2009 - Millie & Carl
A sunny, shirtsleeve day. Purely by chance, we hit the beach the same time a wedding group did - bride in full regalia; tiny flower girl sprinkling flower petals ahead of the bride from the bottom of the access stairs to the tent. A fine time being had by all.Overall, more
  • Groomsmen preparing the scene
  • On-the-beach wedding


December 11, 2008 - Millie & Carl
Quiet, pleasant afternoon on the beach. Cool breeze, not too strong. Very few people out strolling, walking and some playing with their dogs (all small, friendly and under good control). Lots of sand, all still damp from recent rains and well-packed for easy walking. Three bunches of gulls, and more
  • One of three flocks of gulls.
September 14, 2008 - Millie & Carl
Busy late-summer sunny Sunday; lots of people on the beach near the main access points. A few dogs, some on leash, but all well under control.There is a path down the bluff, apparently from houses at about NW 50th Drive, going past a "No Trespassing" sign. Also, in an more
  • Busily carving graffiti in the sandstone wall, oblivious to the surroundings
  • A rough path up the slope from the beach
June 19, 2008 - Millie & Carl
One bicycle carrying rider and surf board. Very quiet though occupied. Low tide revealed abundant life attached to the usually covered more
  • New Stairs under construction from a house on the bluff at approximately NW 55th St.
  • Wind-blown loose sand  created these "shadows" on the downwind side of pebbles, shells, etc.
February 24, 2008 - Jwilson

Griffiti sprayed on "Warning" Sign posted on bluff.Many charred logs.Logs driven onto embankments result of strong winter storms.Several forts and other structures erected. Some rather creative; e.g. a makeshift ship with 3 masts.Several sandcastles built.Large logs which has been buried by sand are now re-appearing. Dogs of all sizes more

January 18, 2008 - Millie & Carl
Post-storm, many driftwood logs, most with burn charring. Beach generally pretty clean, with just scattered bits of small debris; biggest items were one bath towel and one sock draped over a log. One "No climbing" warning sign made almost unreadable with graffiti (photo included).Overall, quite enjoyable -- first calm, more
  • An "unstable rocks - do not climb" warning sign, defaced and made almost unreadable by graffiti.


November 14, 2007 - Millie & Carl
Although few people were on the beach in threatening weather, it was actually pleasant. Mostly I was counting dead fulmars (20 total), and making my periodic check on the caves perpetually carved at Roads End more
  • The two openings seen in this photo are connected, forming a short "tunnel". The obvious cave-in hazard has been reported several times.
September 21, 2007 - Millie & Carl
Generally, the beach was quite clean appearing (SOLV beach cleanup just a week ago, and much sand build-up hiding who knows how much buried). Quite a few pieces of palm kelp washed up, not often seen in these more
May 14, 2007 - Jwilson
The continual erosion of bluff at Roads End State Park is of concern, as people are continuing to carve into the bluff, thereby creating premature more
April 20, 2007 - Millie & Carl
Beautiful day, very low tide, people enjoying being on the quiet beach, friendly dogs happily running off steam. Ultra-low tide exposing sea stars, anemones, mussels, and barnacles on the normally submerged rocks. Good sand build up -- only one (quarter to half an acre) area, vicinity of NW 55th St, more
March 5, 2007 - Millie & Carl
One 30-40' tree trunk and enough scragelly branches to look like the skeleton of a fair-sized shipwreck. Much less sand, many more cobbles exposed.There has been some apparent effort to collapse the caves previously reported at the bluff base under the Roads End parking area, but one deep one more
  • Some kids must've had fun building this harmless little attraction.
  • Couple of the caves dug into the base of the bluff directly under the Roads End Wayside parking lot, in soft collapsable sandstone.
March 3, 2007 - Jwilson
Large clusters of kelp, plus many empty water bottles, several broken wooden pallets, considerable amount of charred driftwood. Erosion: Considerable human destruction of bluffs, evidenced by carving into bluffs, and initials etched into more